Vintage Coach

I've had these vintage coach purses for about a year now. I've been planning to sell them but I wanted to clean them up a bit first. I purchased some Brasso for the brass hardware, and some leather cleaner and went to town. I probably spent 4 hours on Wednesday cleaning them up. They look brand new. I'm very tempted to keep them for myself as not only are they lovely to look at but they also have some sentimental value since they once belonged to my grandma. Right now, there are things I need more than purses... So I'm willing to part with these purses as long as they're going to a good home.

I'm selling them on etsy. I've only taken photos and posted one so far. I've been trying to do research on the style and year of each purse, but it's very time consuming. If you're interested in purchasing a purse, click on my etsy store on the right hand side of my blog. Be sure to check back as I'll be posting more.


Mac Attack II

So, I've been preparing to bring my Mac back to the Apple store to be repaired (if the bill is not too high). I've been trying to document all of the problems to ensure they all get solved.

Here's the list o'problems:
  •     Overheats to upper 100's (degrees F), Mid-100's with cooling pad
  •     Freezes when viewing videos in full-screen mode (any application)
  •     Randomly freezes when not running videos as well
  •     Screen glitches, becomes very artifact-y in certain applications (mostly games)
  •     Occasionally makes strange fan noises, hard disk noises?
  •     Have had melted power cords and expanding batteries in the past (2-3)
  •     Generally running more slowly
  •     More dead/frozen/stuck pixels on display
  •     Programs commonly shut down

I've also gathered some examples of these problems.

Example of Program Fail

Example of Artifacts

Expanding Battery

Melting Power Adapter

Average Temperature

Now I'm going to back up my laptop. Hopefully I'll be able to get my desktop up and running or else I might be without a computer for quite a while.


My Christmas list.

Okay, so of course my Christmas wish list includes the basics like peace on earth, ending global hunger/poverty, and underwear. But here is a list of my more materialistic desires.

1) First and foremost, I would like a new computer. Preferably the new iMac. I could do so many cool things with this... like homework, watch moves, browse the interwebs, play games, make really awesome things with Adobe Creative Suite 4 (which should also be on this list). Also, I refuse to get another mac without Apple Care.

2) Second, I would like a digital SLR camera. Like the Nikon D5000. I would take really sweet pictures with it, upload them to my new iMac, and make cool things with them.

3) An iPhone. I have a phone. I have an ipod touch. Sometimes I wish they'd get together and have a baby so I didn't have to carry both of them around. Oh wait, they did have a baby. duh.

To tie this all together, I would like a laser printer, some cash monies, and some office furniture from ikea. I would photoshop a sweet photo of all of this stuff together now... if I had photoshop.

Now, I know this is not a realistic Christmas list. The only aforementioned thing I may acquire in the near future is the underwear. But I'll have you know, after I'm out of college, after I have a real job, and after I pay off all my debt, I'm going to get this stuff.


Black Friday/Philadelphia

I worked on Black Friday, so I didn't do the whole early shopping thing. Not that I would have anyway. Work wasn't as busy as I expected it to be but it was sort of hard answering peoples questions as a brand-new employee. After work, I did stop buy the local craft store and picked up some more yarn, needles and other accessories. I bought a bloom loom, which allows me to make some pretty flowers to embellish things. I also thought the flowers would make nice decorations for wrapped presents. I added some to my etsy store.

Yesterday, I took the train in to Philadelphia where I met up with my friend who was back in town for Thanksgiving. I was determined to take lots of pictures, but after the train ride and some chit-chatting, I quickly forgot about my camera.



Haven't had much time to make anything, in fact, I'm supposed to be writing a paper now.  But I just recently uploaded some old studies from art school to my flickr account. It was nice to see some old art work again, as it were buried under a lot of stuff.

Until I'm officially done at my current job, I practically have two jobs! These are just jobs to hold me over until I'm done school. But being done school seems so far off...

Anyway, my friend who is also my new coworker also has a blog. It's definitely worth checking out.

Also, I'm selling an organ on craigslist if anyone's interested in a project...



Etsy is a website that gives people who love to make things an opportunity to make their own stores and sell the things they make. I've made my own Etsy shop. Right now It's pretty pathetic as I only have two items listed. But I definitely recommend checking out the things that people make. I'm pretty sure you can sore some unique/original home decor items and accessories. :]

Here is a link to my Etsy store.

So far I only have a scarf and a paper crane moble for sale. I'll probably add headbands once I get around to making a couple more :]

Fuzzy Scarf

Paper crane Mobile
(Click images for link to specific shop item)



I recently saw Where The Wild Things are. While Maurice Sendak  is one of my favorite children illustrators, the movie was equally awesome.
Max Records has to be my new favorite actor, which is pretty impressive considering he is only 9 years old.
Lovely Movie with a mighty fine soundtrack. I want to see it againnn.

When I heard the first song from Where the Wild Things are, I immediately recognized the voice of Karen O (of Yeah Yeah Yeahs).

It's pretty appropriate that she worked on the soundtrack for this movie. She's pretty wild..



I've been knitting a bit lately and started to teach myself (with the help of the internet) how to crochet.
My first crochet project was a headband.
I kind of made it up as I went along since I still do not understand pattern language. I think it came out well regardless. This was made with a silk soft bamboo blend yarn.

Next I would like to make These scarves: