Lots of people read this blog, but no one comments! I know you're reading it, I have a linkspy thingy, hah!

Anyway, I was on the old PC and I sent myself pictures I took in London last summer. (click for larger images)

Canterbury Cathedral:

That place was so neat. The architecture is so pretty. It's amazing that it is at least 1400 years old. The crypt was super creepy, we weren't allowed to take pictures there.

I have some pictures of a castle we saw, too. I want to print some of the pictures out to frame and hang on my walls. My walls are way too bare.

I am listening to The Dandy Warhols. <3


Anonymous said...

i have been reading ur blog almost every day and im hooked for some reason. you must be cool because you like fugazi and the smiths :)

Kylene said...

Who are you!

Anonymous said...

nobody special - just a blog reader thats all.