Vintage Coach

I've had these vintage coach purses for about a year now. I've been planning to sell them but I wanted to clean them up a bit first. I purchased some Brasso for the brass hardware, and some leather cleaner and went to town. I probably spent 4 hours on Wednesday cleaning them up. They look brand new. I'm very tempted to keep them for myself as not only are they lovely to look at but they also have some sentimental value since they once belonged to my grandma. Right now, there are things I need more than purses... So I'm willing to part with these purses as long as they're going to a good home.

I'm selling them on etsy. I've only taken photos and posted one so far. I've been trying to do research on the style and year of each purse, but it's very time consuming. If you're interested in purchasing a purse, click on my etsy store on the right hand side of my blog. Be sure to check back as I'll be posting more.

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