Mac Attack II

So, I've been preparing to bring my Mac back to the Apple store to be repaired (if the bill is not too high). I've been trying to document all of the problems to ensure they all get solved.

Here's the list o'problems:
  •     Overheats to upper 100's (degrees F), Mid-100's with cooling pad
  •     Freezes when viewing videos in full-screen mode (any application)
  •     Randomly freezes when not running videos as well
  •     Screen glitches, becomes very artifact-y in certain applications (mostly games)
  •     Occasionally makes strange fan noises, hard disk noises?
  •     Have had melted power cords and expanding batteries in the past (2-3)
  •     Generally running more slowly
  •     More dead/frozen/stuck pixels on display
  •     Programs commonly shut down

I've also gathered some examples of these problems.

Example of Program Fail

Example of Artifacts

Expanding Battery

Melting Power Adapter

Average Temperature

Now I'm going to back up my laptop. Hopefully I'll be able to get my desktop up and running or else I might be without a computer for quite a while.

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