My Christmas list.

Okay, so of course my Christmas wish list includes the basics like peace on earth, ending global hunger/poverty, and underwear. But here is a list of my more materialistic desires.

1) First and foremost, I would like a new computer. Preferably the new iMac. I could do so many cool things with this... like homework, watch moves, browse the interwebs, play games, make really awesome things with Adobe Creative Suite 4 (which should also be on this list). Also, I refuse to get another mac without Apple Care.

2) Second, I would like a digital SLR camera. Like the Nikon D5000. I would take really sweet pictures with it, upload them to my new iMac, and make cool things with them.

3) An iPhone. I have a phone. I have an ipod touch. Sometimes I wish they'd get together and have a baby so I didn't have to carry both of them around. Oh wait, they did have a baby. duh.

To tie this all together, I would like a laser printer, some cash monies, and some office furniture from ikea. I would photoshop a sweet photo of all of this stuff together now... if I had photoshop.

Now, I know this is not a realistic Christmas list. The only aforementioned thing I may acquire in the near future is the underwear. But I'll have you know, after I'm out of college, after I have a real job, and after I pay off all my debt, I'm going to get this stuff.

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